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Date: 4/29/19 4:56 PM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: Tell Caltrans to CLEAR Hwy. 84 /Post No Spray Signs Please! 

Greetings All,

We still have no solid protection from broadcast herbicide spraying along our State roads, like Hwys. 84 & 35.  Caltrans tends to do more spraying in years of more rainfall.  If you live along these roads, posting NO SPRAY signs is your best protection (attached).  
If you need free, laminated signs on wood posts, please contact me by email or call my cell: 650-815-9115.
Contacting Caltrans to CUT the vegetation is more important than ever for fire safety and visibility especially along Hwy. 84 (west of Hwy.35), as you can see!  

This can also help stop broadcast herbicide spraying along Hwy.84 in our community.  Please do this today: Go to

Click on "I want to report a problem" then select Landscaping, Weeds, specify the area as ON Hwy. 84, La Honda, San Mateo Co., (the city comes up "Redwood City" and that's why you need to further explain our area in the other fields provided) :  
ON Hwy. 84 West of Hwy. 35 to Hwy. 1, both lanes. In the space provided, request clearing and cutting of vegetation and NO broadcast spraying of herbicides.  

If you cannot go online, please call Caltrans at 510-286-4444. 

Have you noticed the super clearing work that was done on Hwy. 84 EAST of 35 ?  Caltrans does NOT spray there, as per an agreement with Woodside, and the clearing work was the concerted effort of the Woodside Fire District, the San Mateo Co. Resource Conservation District (RCD), the San Mateo Co. Fire Safe Council and Caltrans.  Our Senator Jerry Hill is supporting this work and advised us to connect with these agencies, which we are doing, and we are hopeful that this is a positive move towards ending Caltrans' roadside broadcast spraying in our area!   

We need YOUR help to achieve the same work here on 84 West of 35, and the RCD advised us to get the community to put in requests to Caltrans (at the link above) to prioritize this.  Our state has grant money to fund these efforts, so let's be a part of this work which will also help negate the need for broadcast herbicide spraying on 84.
After you put in your request to Caltrans, they will reply with a "ticket" like the one below from my request.  Then, they let you know when the ticket is "closed" which is supposed to be when the work is done.  Let's put this to the test, and we will have it documented to report to Senator Jerry Hill, IF the work is not done.  

Have others in your household do one, please!  Once you receive your ticket, please save it, and let me know if you hear from them further (or just forward their emails if easier so I can keep the records).

Hwy. 84 is overgrown with vegetation due to Caltrans NOT cutting and clearing for years which we have supported and IS the most effective method to control the brush encroaching the roadway now. Broadcast spraying toxic chemicals threatens our health, water resources, and wildlife, and did not control Hwy. 84 vegetation, as we have seen over the years.  Please visit our website to see the list of toxic chemicals used by Caltrans, to download free No Spray signs, and for more info:

Our COUNTY roads have been maintained without broadcast roadside herbicide spraying since 2012 when the SMC Board of Supervisors passed the resolution ending that dangerous practice along our county roads and parks.  

OUR voices and work made a difference then and need to be heard now to clear STATE roadsides like 84, west of 35, and to stop the broadcast spraying!

Please share this email with friends and neighbors, and let me know if you need No Spray signs.

With gratitude,

Patty Mayall
Director, Protect Our Watershed San Mateo County

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From: Caltrans Division of Maintenance <>
Date: Wed, Apr 3, 2019 at 12:00 AM
Subject: Customer Service Request - Ticket #: 748184 Opened
To: <>

Thank you for taking the time to send Caltrans a Customer Service Request and for helping the Department repair California’s aging transportation infrastructure. Caltrans staff will send an email to the address you used to contact us, confirming that we received this highway service request, with a confirmation number for the job. We handle service requests Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will address this as soon as possible.

If you need to talk to us about this, please call 916-654-2852. If this is an emergency, please call 911 or the highway patrol.

We sincerely appreciate your concern and request. Thank you for letting Caltrans staff know about the issue so we can repair it as soon as possible.

Type of Situation: Landscaping - Weeds, Trees, Brush
CSR Ticket Number: 748184
Date Submitted: 2019-04-03 00:00:38
California County: San Mateo
State Highway Route: 84
Direction of Travel: Both
Nearest Cross Street: Old La Honda Rd.
Nearest Town or City: Redwood City
Mode of Transportation: Car
Date & Time Situation Noticed: 2019-03-31   11 am - 12 noon

Nature of Situation: Vegetation removal needed on Hwy.84 WEST of Hwy. 35, traveling WEST to Hwy.1. Brush encroaches both sides of Hwy. 84, is a fire & visibility hazard, & blocks bicycle lanes. NO broadcast Spraying of Herbicides needed, as only cutting and removal of the large bushes & weeds will improve the area. Toxic herbicides endanger residents' health, water resources, wildlife of the area, and San Mateo Co. has NOT sprayed county roads & parks since 2012. Thank you.

Geographic Location of Situation: Hwy. 84 WEST of Hwy. 35, Old La Honda Rd., La Honda area traveling WEST to Hwy. 1.

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